10 Point Plan

Griffith Business Chamber are right amongst the important issues affecting businesses and strive to achieve the following goals for Griffith to Thrive & Prosper. We focus on the BIG PICTURE - a sustainable long term future for our business community. Everything Griffith Business Chamber engage in, relates to one of these goals. 

Every year we re-evaluate and receive feedback from our members to ensure we are current and working towards goals inspired by our members. It's a living document.

Our 10 Point Plan becomes our  vision and focus for a sustainable future for the entire business community. But many ask how we can implement our 10 Point Plan?
The answer is far from simple, but it is all about providing enablers to allow our highly regarded entrepreneurs to maximise opportunities.

Some may argue Griffith Business Chamber are 'negative' but once you read our goals below, you will understand our purpose is transparent, honest and completely reasonable for a region of this size.

So how does this 10 Point Plan affect MY business you ask?

We constantly lobby, meet and liaise with government officials and key stakeholders at all levels about each of these goals to help grow the ENTIRE business community. If our community has superior facilities and services it's more attractive for people to want to live, work and stay in Griffith. That affects all businesses!

WE are YOUR voice when it comes to business related issues.

Encourage relocation of government services. Explore incentives for public service positions such as medical, teachers etc to relocate to Griffith & Zone A tax rebate for all employees.
Why & how does this affect the business community?: Increases efficiency and responsiveness. If an area has adequate infrastructure & facilities such as housing, health, transport, education it makes it easier to attract government services and people and if those departments are moved to our area the economy improves. 

Explore, support & encourage Tourism incentives, initiatives & events. Assist in promoting the area as a magnetic destination to visit, live, work & retire. Support opportunities for creation of current & future projects.
Why & how does this affect the business community?: Growth, redevelopment, investment in infrastructure is necessary to match the needs of a growing community. It's vital for tourism, attractive for investment of large industries and to retain locals. Tourism dollars also have an endless flow on effect to the community, whether it be short term or long term.

Encourage development of a new state-of-the-art Griffith Base Hospital & associated medical services, to suit our growing region for the next 30 years.
Why & how does this affect the business community?:
If there is superior health facilities, it is more attractive for people to live and work in Griffith, thus having a flow on effect to the business community. It will also attract more medical professionals and specialists.

Explore opportunities, pathways & access to all levels of education, to ensure job ready students are equipped to enter the workforce and to improve the skills shortage gap. Assist & promote incentives and/or initiatives to attract Skilled Labour to our region.
Why & how does this affect the business community?:
School leavers need to be job ready, this means encouraging the best opportunities during higher education and offer access to tertiary and vocational education at a local level. Retaining locals is crucial for population growth. Regional area's should not be disadvantaged by their location. Attracting skilled labour can improve a business’ performance and service. Educating and up skilling existing employee's improves a business' productivity and service.

To build a ‘trust mark’ that will add value, gain trust & integrity. Promoting a clear awareness of our clean, green & fresh ag products, food & fibre grown in this area.
Why & how does this affect the business community?:
Developing a Trust Mark, puts us on the global map, so our primary producers can receive the highest possible dollar for their product.

Encourage & motivate housing & commercial developments to cater for population growth to relieve rental shortage.
Why & how does this affect the business community?: More houses, more jobs, more investment. Everyone benefits.....builders, tradesmen...the list is endless! 

Engage & represent the business community at a Federal, State & Local level.
Why & how does this affect the business community?:
WE are YOUR voice. When we have a strong backing and membership base, anything can be achieved. Please keep engaged with your Chamber. 

Ensure reliable & cost effective means of transport are accessible for all industries & business operations including import & export via air, rail & road options.
Why & how does this affect the business community?:
This affects our health industry- specialists, patients. It affects our primary producers, it affects business and personal travellers, it affects our tourism industry and more.

Motivate & educate business owners through informative events by promoting our members.
Why & how does this affect the business community?:
Knowledge is power. Business owners need encouragement, information and the tools necessary to thrive in today’s changing world. Technology changes, Policies change, New and improved ways to tackle business issues are always coming through. Keep up to date!

Engage with Federal, State & Local governments to ensure a positive economic effect to our region and to sustain & promote our position as an integral & important region as the Food Bowl of Australia.
Why & how does this affect the business community?: No water, no farms, no income, no industries, no investment, no growth...