Revealed! The Business Skill Most People Don’t Have

After my wife Lorraine and I ordered dinner in a restaurant the other night, I decided to have a glass of wine. Now, where was our waiter? I looked around and realized I didn’t have a clue what he looked like. So I asked Lorraine. “Do you see our waiter?” She craned her neck and…
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Is Your Business Incompetent in its Dealings with Customers?

Today, product competence is something every business must master in order to have any reasonable chance for profit at all. Product competence is achieved when the product or service works as stated, without much risk of failure, and is available at a reasonable price (not necessarily the least expensive, but within the range of competitive…
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People Still Matter

 In a world filled with technology, gidgets and gadgets, the way we communicate is very different. But we sometimes forget People Still Exist! Human interaction is still so important to any business. We've come across this article that you'll find interesting to read.    Article Courtesy of Lawrance Breen - Director, Inland Digital via Linked…
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