New executive team features youthful vice presidents!

Griffith Business Chamber’s new executive team is looking younger, more female and, arguably, better looking than ever before.
Chamber president Paul Pierotti is now flanked by two new vice presidents – 28-year-old Griffith newcomer Joshua Nadzielski and 34-year-old entrepreneur Katie Lucantonio.
Treasurer Sky Han, secretary Amanda Quarisa and public officer Dean Owen are also part of an executive team voted in at the Annual General Meeting last week.
Mr Nadzielski is the Griffith Quest franchisee who was previously the property manager at Quest Mascot. He left the big smoke to move to the MIA in October last year.
“Joshua brings a fresh look to the chamber, offering an young, outsider’s perspective,” Mr Pierotti said.
Mr Pierotti said the chamber will continue to push causes they see as important.
“We are not here to just to run street stalls and do business awards. We want to play an active role in assisting in the development of the community,” he said.
“We look forward to working closely with Griffith City Council and our new local member Austin Evans, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be holding them to account.”
Mr Pierotti said Griffith have been let down by the NSW Government over a long period of time, and wants to see them deliver on the promises made before before the recent Murray by-election, such as the building of a new hospital commencing by early 2019.
He also wants to see progress made to resolve housing and land shortages, which is hurting businesses trying to recruit new staff.
“It’s great that Griffith is attracting more business and workers, but where are they supposed to live?” Mr Pierotti asked.
Rental vacancies are Griffith remain below one per cent, a problem of which Mr Nadzielski is well aware.
“We’ve had clients stay at Quest for more than 200 days [because they can’t find anywhere to live permanently]. It’s a huge cost for their companies”.
Mr Pierotti said more and more businesses are having to rely on fly in fly out labour, which is not good for the Griffith economy.
“Fly in fly out workers tend to spend their pay packets in their home towns”.
Griffith Business Chamber general committee members elected at the AGM were: Denis Conroy, Greg Collier, Pat Pittavino, Christopher Sutton and Kirsty Parish

Article and photo - Courtesy of The Area News

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