Business NSW

Once you become a local Griffith Business Chamber member you are automatically entitled to a free Alliance membership with Business NSW.

Enjoy these extra free benefits;

Free Advice Line 13 29 59 

Free Employee Documentation

Free Business Grant Finder

Free Online HR Solution

Free Support with wages and leave entitlments

Free Marketing Advice

Local Chamber members also have the option to upgrade to a full Business Australia Membership at a 20% discount on the condition of retaining Local Chamber membership.

For more details about Business NSW please visit their website

FREE Energy Comparison Service

Griffith Business Chamber have partnered with Business NSW to provide a FREE Energy Comparison Service.

So far, the annual savings identified from just 8 Griffith members is $19,185 (as of October 2018)…..with one local business potentially saving over $11,000!

How much could you save?

It’s fast, easy and free, this comparison service can either save you money on energy, or confirm that you are on the best available rate.

Discover how you can join the 80% of businesses saving with the free energy bill comparison service

What has the comparison and switch service achieved so far?

  • 8 of our fellow Griffith Business Chamber members have together identified estimated annual energy savings of $19,185 (as of October 2018)
  • identified over $3.2 million in estimated annual energy savings
  • 8 out of 10 business’ identifying an average saving of $1500
  • switching of over 1,000 accounts

Energy costs affect almost every business and household in Australia and we want to help you. 

Find a better deal with Business NSW Chamber’s FREE energy comparison service