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Murrumbidgee Industry & Agriculture Communities: MIA Communities

Become a Member for 2020-2021 at NO COST, if you're an MIA Water User

So who are we?
MIA Communities are an arm of Griffith Business Chamber who’s sole focus is to represent and advocate for farmers and the agricultural industry in Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area. In particular the biggest issue facing our region- water. 

MIA Communities among other committees, are also aligned with the massive  Southern Basin Connected Communities.

MIA Communities Committee comprises of knowledgeable people dedicated to protecting our ag industry and know what they’re talking about! They’re hard working volunteers who are not interested in bureaucracy.
They are: Paul Pierotti, Debbie Buller, Jo Brighenti, Bart Brighenti, Dem Torino, Leo Ieraci, Robert Quodling, Michael Crump, Darren DeBortoli, Tanya Ginns, Vito Mancini.

So what do we do different?
We actually work hard!
We write the submissions to the government!
We talk to the right decision makers to help make change happen!
We aren’t afraid to ask the tough questions and seek the truth!
We want fair and reasonable action for our farmers now!
We attend inquiries, write press releases, join other member groups

So why do we volunteer?
Because we are passionate people who want a sustainable region for future generations and well….someone’s gotta do it! We have kids, we have businesses, we live here, work here, some of us are farmers ourselves and we know our agricultural industry is what has made this region so successful and we want it to continue for future generations.

But how can we make change happen?
It’s about power in numbers, not dollars. We can’t do it alone. It’s as simple as that. By joining and supporting us, we can have a strong support base to help make change occur for farmers like yourself.

So how can you help?
If you’re an MIA Water User, join at NO COST. Membership to MIA Communities for 2020-2021 is FREE and you become an associate member of Griffith Business Chamber. Join us and we promise to fairly represent farmers at local, state and federal government level. But we need your support to help us stand up for farmers like yourself.


Griffith Business Chamber and MIA Communities are a proud member of Speak up 4 Water


Paul Pierotti - Chairperson
Buller Pastoral - Debbie Buller Committee Member
DeBortoli Wines - Darren Debortoli Committee Member
Michael Crump Committee Member
Torino Farming - Dem Torino Committee Member
Leo Ieraci Committee Member
Mattanya Pastoral - Tanya Ginns Committee Member
Catalyst Postive Change - Robert Quolding Committee Member
Sumar Produce - Jo & Bart Brighenti Committee Members
Pat Pittavino Committee Member
Red Belly Citrus - Vito Mancini Committee Member

Ian & Robyn Schmetzer