About Chamber

Live Local....Love Local....Support Local

Local Business are the backbone to society

The Griffith Business Chamber is a not for profit association that has been promoting, supporting & protecting the interests & sustainability of businesses in Griffith since 1953.

Griffith Business Chamber are a voice for the business community

We build and strengthen relationships with local businesses, local council, state and federal government for the benefit of the business community. We're all about the BIG PICTURE. Long term sustainability,  with the main objective to grow & encourage Economic Development & Investment.

We are committed & passionate about business

We are strong advocates for supporting local businesses. Live Local. Love Local. Support Local. 

Our Goals & Vision

Your feedback shapes our goals & vision. We encourage you to engage with us so we know we are representing businesses on the issues most important to you.

We have identified current issues our business community is facing and work towards solutions.

1: Housing Crisis

2: Workforce Crisis

We can achieve so much more if we have a strong support base!

With your membership support, Griffith Business Chamber can provide a strong collective voice to represent the interest of businesses to all 3 levels of government, about important issues that directly and indirectly affect your business. Join today!

What does this mean for your business?

We know local businesses are the backbone to any community and must continue to receive every opportunity to thrive. When you support Griffith Business Chamber who mission is to bolster the local economy, your business will reap the benefits. The more effort you put into interacting with your local chamber, the more you can gain.

WE are YOUR voice when it comes to business related issues

Imagine if we didn’t lobby for better schools, health facilities, water, employment, housing and more? Would your family have the best opportunity? A good education? A secure future?

We are committed and passionate about our business community so EVERYONE wins.