Jan Feb 2022 Presidents Report

Happy New 2022 to all,

We hope you had great business in lead up to Christmas and some quality family over the break. We surely deserve a break after an extremely COVID challenged couple of years.

Unfortunately, January has been an even bigger challenge for many with isolations, large numbers of local positive cases and major supply chain disruptions. We have had to remain adaptive and try our best to continue trading and staying safe.

Weather has also VERY wet & stormy causing much flooding and hail damage, it seems that this years Vintage with significant grape damage may be reduced in volume dramatically.

Chamber will remain focussed in 2022 on addressing many of the issues around our significant “Workforce Crisis”.  It is refreshing that all levels of Government are becoming more aware of how debilitating to business and community growth that this problem has become. With impending Federal Elections and then State Election, now is the time to call for timely and strategic intervention on temporary Workforce affordable & available accommodation, special “Designated Migration Area” (DAMA) Status, local expanded education programs and training.

Speaking of elections, we Congratulate our newly elected Mayor, Doug Curran and all elected Councillors. It is no secret that Griffith City Council’s relationship with our Business Chamber and our elected State Member for Murray Hellen Dalton has become strained. Most elected Councillors made it clear in their campaigns that they intended on resolving differences with us and look forward to working together collaboratively, we encourage this as soon as possible.

We are pleased to see that many of the recommendations through consultations and submissions have been included in the Final report Select Committee Inquiry on Floodplain Harvesting Report no. 1 - Select Committee - Floodplain harvesting - December 2021.pdf (nsw.gov.au) and hope that this is the impetus for timely change not just another dust collecting document in Governments bottom drawer.

We will continue to lobby for the return of MIA farmers 5% HS Water and 15% GS water VC’s that NSW Dept of Environment stole from our community after lying about a one year borrow and continue trade for profit to Government annually while our Farmers continue to pay the fees for this stolen water.

We are also grateful to have been awarded a State Government Grant to help host our first planned members and guests event this year: Right Person Right Job – Maintaining & Recruiting Employees. It’s time to think outside the square. 
This event will be held on Thursday 24th March 2022, 7am-10am, Full Buffet Breakfast included at Quest Apartments.  No Cost for members to attend. Non Members $40. Numbers will be limited so please register ASAP.

Volunteers like myself and our Executive have been contributing to our community with Griffith Business Chamber since 1953 as we fervently believe that Strong Businesses equals Strong Communities.

Best Regards,
Paul Pierotti
Chamber President.