Presidents Report Jul-Aug 2020

Hi Members

Thank you to those members who have renewed. We understand business has been tough lately- your local Chamber are here to support you by continuing to bring you relevant information and webinars, advocate for water rights, lobby for superior education opportunities, quality health facilities and services, reliable and cost effective transport and housing, employment growth and more. All of these community issues have a direct affect on the business community. If Griffith is a magnetic destination to live, work and enjoy..... all businesses benefit. With your support, it enables us to represent the community on these issues and gives us a strong voice. 

If you have any questions regarding your membership, please contact our Secretary Amanda to discuss.

Many local businesses are experiencing the impact of COVID-19 by way of supply chain interruptions. This is being attributed to the broader National and Global crisis and as a result further hardship may be faced by many local businesses. We urge community members to please be patient and understanding during these difficult times. Now more than ever it is important for us all to support our local economy and wherever possible purchase goods from local businesses.
If your small business or not-for-profit organisation has experienced a decline in turnover as a result of COVID-19, you may be eligible for a small business recovery grant of between $500 and $3000. Be sure to scroll down to see further grants that are available.  
COVID Safe businesses - Show your commitment to COVID Safety and keep our community safe. More details below on how you can register as a COVID Safe Business.  

October is Small Business Month and Griffith Business Chamber are preparing to deliver some events. Depending on the COVID status we believe most will be in the form of webinars. We've found Webinars are becoming the popular choice and replacing many 'seminars'. They are convient and time efficient for you to participate. If there's something in particular you're interested in please get in contact with Amanda and we'll try to accommodate requests. 

We continue to take part in many submissions and consultations with State Government and Local Council for the benefit of our community. Submission range from tourism and events ideas, water and infrastructure. We continue to engage with key stakeholders in various forums to achieve higher outcomes for our members and the local economy where their businesses are based. 
Strengthening relations with Tourism, Health and Education departments and stakeholder groups has been a key contributor to creating the opportunities for further formal consultations regarding Economic Development Strategic Planning. Changes must occur for Griffith to keep growing. Our interests are firmly and will always be on the sustainability of the business community. 

MIA Communities have developed a Water Policy which can be viewed HERE  The purpose of this living document is to establish our blueprint- defining the end goal and objectives. Please support us in our endevours.

Kind regards
Paul Pierotti
Acting President